Need a Second Opinion?

If you have ever received advice you were just not sure was right, then Second Opinion Counseling is a one-time consult that will work for you.

My Marriage ICU

This is an intensive program designed to address the urgent needs of couples who have become dangerously distant.

Marriage Counseling

It is absolutely true that children of God have access to a level of marital intimacy not available to the world.



Even as a boy, Dr. Tim Young was moved by the overwhelming impact that divorce was having on American families; divorce was becoming sadly common. As a Bible and Psychology major at Abilene Christian University, Dr. Young discovered his passion for helping husbands and wives effectively respond to the challenges of marriage. He had an intense desire to help struggling families recapture victory. He went on to Texas Tech University where he completed a Family Studies program and was awarded an M.S., and later a Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy.